Pricing Table

Simple & Transparent Pricing

The prices below reflect our base pricing for E-commerce and FBA clients. If you have high order volume or special requirements, you may realize significant cost savings with a custom quote.



Unit Price

Pallet Inbound $8.50 / Pallet
Case Inbound $1.00 / Case
20ft Container $450 / Container
40ft Container $800 / Container
Pallet Wrap $5.00 / Pallet



Unit Price

Pallet Storage $25 / 6-ft Pallet
Bin Storage $5 / Bin
Cubic Storage* $0.50 / ft3

*For large goods that cannot be easily stored on a pallet, bin, or shelf



Unit Price

Order Processing $2.25 / Order
Additional Pick $0.50 / Pick*
Pallet Outbound $8.50 / Pallet
FNSKU Labels $0.50 / Label
Pallet Supply Cost + 15% / Pallet
Materials Cost + 15% / item

*For each pick in an order after the first pick



Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the things we're often asked, but feel free to contact us with any other questions!

We've tried to make it as easy as possible to determine what our fulfillment services will cost you. Simply pick the relevant services for your business from each of the three categories - Inbound, Storage, and Outbound - and multiply by your volume.

For example, let's say you bring in your goods on a floor-loaded 40ft shipping containers from the port. There are approximately 2560 ft3 on a 40ft container. We build to 6 ft pallets (most 3PLs store 5ft pallets, which ends up costing you more), which are 80 ft3, so that's 32 equivalent pallets per container.

So we will supply 32 physical wooden pallets, palletize the goods, and wrap each pallet. You will be billed $800 for the labor of unloading the container, cost + 10% for supplying pallets, and $5.00 each ($160) for the cost of pallet wrap.

We'll then store your goods palletized in our fully-racked, clean facility at a price of $25/month (Total $800/month). Finally, we'll ship your goods out via whatever method you instruct. For e-commerce orders, each order will be processed at $2.25. Each additional order item after the first is billed at $0.50.

We're happy to discuss any special projects or concerns you might have - feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss the details of your brand's needs!

Our pricing for container unload is inclusive of receiving / putaway. Many other warehouses will charge much less, but then tack on pallet handling fees. Our price includes these fees.

The table above shows our basic e-commerce fulfillment fees. There are some additional items to consider which your client contract will reflect, including a $50/month platform fee (for providing a login portal with real-time access to your fulfillment data), $45 per-hour labor fees for work you direct us to perform which is outside the scope of standard services, fees for kitting or specialty garment-on-hanger (GOH) handling, and some others.

For more details on the full picture of services we offer, as well as potential discounts for higher-volume clients, contact us for a custom quote today

Absolutely! We're happy to provide custom pricing for anyone interested. Please reach out to us with the details so we can quote your specific scenario.
We offer many many services which are too numerous and diverse to include easily on this pricing page - for anything you don't see here, we recommend reaching out with your specific requirements!

Storage rates are pallet-based for anything that is stored palletized, and volumetric for items stored off pallets (loose cases, for example). Small items which are stored in bins for e-commerce fulfillment are charged at the per-bin rate.

Note our per-pallet rate is for 6-ft pallets, which provides 20% more storage than a standard 5-ft pallet. This is important to keep in mind when comparing rates between other 3PL providers.

Additionally, unlike Amazon and other providers, we do not charge increased storage rates during Q4 - a flat storage rate is charged year-round.

  • Client Portal with real-time visibility to your inventory, orders, activity, and billing
  • Discounted shipping rates with all major carriers
  • Dedicated account rep for all your customer service needs
  • Dynamic reporting to easily track the metrics that matter to you
  • Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS processing
  • Unlimited / omni-channel marketplace and shopping cart integrations
  • Painless on-boarding
  • Simple billing that's easy to understand and traceable to individual orders and activity
  • Best-in-class on-time order processing rates
  • Clear communication so you're in-the-loop on what's going on with your products
  • Sleeping soundly knowing your fulfillment is handled by highly competent operators
  • ...and much more


What They Say About Us

Anthony B.
Co-Founder at BlackFrost Industries, Inc.
A Breath of Fresh Air
Ideal fulfillment has been so easy to work with! We transferred our inventory from another fulfillment partner who was terrible with communication and caused many headaches with inventory management. I only wish we'd made the jump to Ideal sooner!
Andrea P.
Founder & CEO of Popular Subscription Box Service
Happy Client with Happy Customers
I've been working with Ideal for a little over 2 years now and I'm definitely a satisfied customer! My orders are shipped out on-time day-in and day-out, and it's great knowing I don't need to stress about it. They've been able to handle every project I've thrown at them, including my e-commerce orders and quarterly large-volume kitting.
David C.
Founder & CEO of Outdoor Equipment Brand
Next Level
I've worked with a few 3PLs in the past and Ideal just has it together. They've been the key enabler in scaling my business from a small operation with a couple pallets of inventory to the thriving company we are today. Chris is really easy to work with and is able to anticipate problems before they happen. They have a really great team, and I'm glad I found them when I did!
Ben H.
Co-founder of Snack Food Brand
Great Partnership
Working with Ideal has been a joy. My business requires careful lot and expiration date tracking on my inventory to ensure expired product is not sent to my distributors. The previous warehouse I worked with messed this up multiple times and I had to get out. I was skeptical that Ideal could handle it initially since I'd been burned recently, but I'm happy I gave them the chance - their performance has been flawless. I'm looking forward to a long working relationship with the team there!
Charles K.
Founder of 3D Printer Company
Excellent Communication
I've been impressed by how much Ideal Fulfillment has kept me in the loop on what's happenging with my inventory. They're always so responsive to my questions and have worked with me to find solutions to multiple issues that have come up on my end, which is very important to me since I'm 3000 miles away. Their software portal also makes it pain-free to get a clear picture of my inventory levels, order volume, and invoices. I'm looking forward to scaling my business with them in the coming years.